Corneal Foreign Body
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Various foreign bodies eg metal, wood, glass may get embedded into the cornea. There may be a relevant history such as striking metal or stone without wearing eye protection. Metal foreign bodies tend to be surrounded by a rust ring within 24-48hrs but vegetable matter eg wood often carries a greater risk of microbial keratitis (secondary corneal infection).

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Core Principles

1. Ocular Anatomy

2. Ophthalmic History

3. Measuring Visual Acuity

4. External Inspection / Eyelids

5. Everting The Eyelids

6. Anterior Segment

7. Pupillary Reflexes (and Dilatation)

8. Ocular Motility

9. Visual Fields

10. Direct Ophthalmoscopy

Ophthalmology in Practice

1. Red Eye Introduction

2. Red Eye Diagnosis

3. Visual Failure Introduction

4. Gradual Loss of Vision

5. Sudden Loss of Vision

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