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Written and illustrated by experienced Consultant Ophthalmologists. Covers the core principles and provides a solid framework of knowledge about common eye disorders. Test questions highlight important learning points. Key concepts are brought to life using 3D animations.

What You Will Learn

Ophthalmology Training is designed to allow healthcare professionals to rapidly gain, revise or update their knowledge of essential Ophthalmology.

Core Principles

  • This section provides a framework to learn the core principles of ocular anatomy, history taking and examination techniques.
  • High quality 3D animations are used to enhance the learning experience.
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Ophthalmology in Practice

  • This section deals with the presentation, diagnosis and management of common eye disorders seen in clinical practice.
  • High quality photographs and videos are used to enhance the learning experience.
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The peer reviewed content is supplemented throughout with additional single best answer test questions which are structured to further highlight key learning points.

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