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The Core Principles section covers clinically relevant anatomy, fundamental topics and examination techniques in Ophthalmology. Over sixty 3D animations are used to help you visualise key concepts. 

The Ophthalmology In Practice section deals with common eye disorders regularly encountered by healthcare professionals. Clinical photographs are used instead of 3D animations to help you prepare for such scenarios. 

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Core Principles Ophthalmology In Practice

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Core Principles

1. Ocular Anatomy

2. Ophthalmic History

3. Measuring Visual Acuity

4. External Inspection / Eyelids

5. Everting The Eyelids

6. Anterior Segment

7. Pupillary Reflexes (and Dilatation)

8. Ocular Motility

9. Visual Fields

10. Direct Ophthalmoscopy

Ophthalmology in Practice

1. Red Eye Introduction

2. Red Eye Diagnosis

3. Visual Failure Introduction

4. Gradual Loss of Vision

5. Sudden Loss of Vision

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