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A unique online educational resource for anyone wanting to learn about the core topics in Ophthalmology and common eye disorders

Written and illustrated by experienced Consultant Ophthalmologists “Ophthalmology Training” has been developed to provide concise information with a practical clinical emphasis. Designed to cover a syllabus which concentrates on the basic principles and fundamentals, the site provides a solid framework of knowledge in Ophthalmology history taking and examination techniques. Each core topic has been distilled to the essential information and learning points, with key concepts brought to life using stunning 3D animations.

Having worked through the chapters in each section the reader should have learnt the following information:

  • Clinically relevant basic anatomy of the orbital cavity, eyeball, eyelids, lacrimal apparatus and visual pathways
  • Key points in taking an Ophthalmic history
  • Measurement of visual acuity and pinhole acuity
  • Detection of eye abnormalities by external inspection, including eyelid eversion and the use of topical fluorescein
  • Intraocular pressure and glaucoma
  • A structured approach for assessing periocular trauma and globe injuries
  • Examination techniques for identifying disorders in pupils, eye movements and visual fields
  • How to use a direct ophthalmoscope, including what to look for in patients with cataract, diabetic / hypertensive retinopathy and age related macular degeneration

The “Ophthalmology Training” site is completed by clinically relevant topics which have a strong practical emphasis:

  • Differential diagnosis of a red eye
  • Causes of gradual and sudden loss of vision


Example Animations

Extra-Ocular Muscles

Extra-Ocular Muscles: Demonstrates the actions of individual extraocular muscles during different positions of gaze and convergence.

Normal Visual Field

Normal Visual Field: The extent of normal peripheral vision in the right eye is followed by mapping out the monocular and binocular fields of vision.


Target Audience

Ophthalmology Training is suitable for a broad range of health professionals including… 


Medical Students


Casualty Doctors

General Practitioners

Ophthalmic Nurse Practitioners


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